Cyndie Shaffstall has been a member of the publishing and print industries for more than three decades. Her career spans many interests, specialties, and job verticals, but her primary focus is rooted in marketing, emarketing, and the analytics of both.

In 1991, Cyndie Shaffstall was a corporate trainer for companies looking to upgrade to a Mac-based workflow from traditional typesetting and pre-press workflows. Her clients at that time included reputable in-house and commercial publishers such as United Airlines and the Clarinda Company. In 1992, she self-published her first book, QuarkXPress: Making the Most of Your Negative Experiences.

Functioning primarily as a trainer, Shaffstall founded The World-wide Power Company, LLC, or ThePowerCo, as it was known. In 1998, Cyndie Shaffstall acquired the assets of XChange US and their publication, X-Ray Magazine. For about two years, the companies were operated separately but in 2000, merged to form ThePowerXChange, LLC. In 2009, was acquired by Distributor X.

In 2005, Shaffstall resurrected X-Ray Magazine as a vehicle for the launch of QuarkXPress® 7. In 2006, the bi-monthly printed issues were discontinued and X-Ray Magazine was established as an online-only publication, with occasional printed special editions. In 2010, X-Ray Magazine's web site was also acquired by Distributor X.


In 2006, Shaffstall released her first commercially available software product, data2date and invented a women's fashion accessory to bind bra straps to the tank-top strap. Shaffstall was awarded a patent for the accesory in 2011 and has rebraded it Sassy Strappings.

With consideration for her position in the extensions-technology industry, in 2004, Quark, Inc., contracted Shaffstall as the lead of their XTensions® developer program. In 2005, she assumed the helm of the entire QuarkAlliance™ program, continuing until April 2007, when she joined Quark as the full-time worldwide director of the QuarkAlliance program — a position she held until July 2011. Shaffstall was drafted to the Quark Promote team in 2009, to establish and manage the output-provider network.

Shaffstall founded Spider Trainers, a company initially established to parlay the power of search engines to optimize professional visibility for the executive and entrepreneur; though more recently Spider Trainers has become focused on drip and nurture automated marketing and provides these services for companies across the globe.

Shaffstall is also directing the software development of Today's POV — a website dedicated to the collection and sale of attitudinal and psychodemographic data — and Charity Golf Network.